03 August 2011

Ligand efficiency metrics poll results

Poll results are in, and not surprisingly, ligand efficiency (LE) comes out on top, with 86% of respondents using the metric. What was a surprise to me is how many folks use ligand lipophilic efficiency (LLE) (46%). Coming in a distant third at 15% is LLEAT, but given that this metric was just reported it has a pretty strong showing, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this increase. Binding efficiency index (BEI) comes in fourth with 12% of the vote, and Fsp3 is tied with "other" with 8% of the vote. The other metrics only received one or two votes each.
Since people could vote on multiple metrics, there were more responses than respondents. Subtracting those who voted for "none" leaves 124 data points, suggesting that the average researcher is using 1.9 of these metrics (though unfortunately we don't have information on the median user).

Finally, for the 5 of you who selected "other", what else is out there that we've left out?

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