02 January 2024

Fragment events in 2024

We don't know for sure what 2024 has in store for us, but barring pandemics or other disasters, the year is shaping up to be an annus mirabilis for fragments. For the first time ever, all four of the recurring fragment meetings are scheduled for the same year, and other conferences also look exciting. I hope to see you at one.

March 3-5: RSC-BMCS Ninth Fragment-based Drug Discovery Meeting will be held in Cambridge, UK. This venerable biannual event will be particularly focused on case studies "that have delivered compounds to late stage medicinal chemistry, preclinical, or clinical programmes." You can read my impressions of the 2013 meeting here and the 2009 event here.
April 1-4: CHI’s Nineteenth Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, the longest-running fragment event, returns as always to San Diego. This is part of the larger Drug Discovery Chemistry meeting. You can read impressions of the 2023 meeting here, the 2022 event here, the 2021 virtual meeting here, the 2020 virtual meeting here, the 2019 meeting here, the 2018 meeting here, the 2017 meeting here, the 2016 meeting here; the 2015 meeting herehere, and here; the 2014 meeting here and here; the 2013 meeting here and here; the 2012 meeting here; the 2011 meeting here; and 2010 here
June 2-4:  The theme of the Tenth NovAliX Conference, to be held in the Swiss resort town of Brunnen, is "reinventing drug discovery." You can read my impressions of the 2018 Boston event here, the 2017 Strasbourg event here, and Teddy's impressions of the 2013 event herehere, and here.
June 25-27: FBDD Down Under 2024 will take place in beautiful Brisbane. I believe this is the fifth FBDD DU event and the first to be held outside Melbourne. You can read my impressions of FBDD DU 2019 and FBDD DU 2012.
September 22-25: After a six year hiatus, FBLD 2024 will be held in Boston. This will mark the eighth in an illustrious series of conferences organized by scientists for scientists. You can read impressions of FBLD 2018FBLD 2016FBLD 2014, FBLD 2012FBLD 2010, and FBLD 2009.
September 30 to Oct 3: Autumn is usually a nice time of year in Boston, so why not stick around to attend CHI’s Twenty-Second Annual Discovery on Target. As the name implies this event is more target-focused than chemistry-focused, but there are always plenty of FBDD-related talks. You can read my impressions of the 2023 meeting here, the 2022 meeting here, the 2021 event here, the 2020 virtual event here, the 2019 event here, and the 2018 event here.
Know of anything else? Please leave a comment or drop me a note.

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