07 August 2011

Fragment-based events in 2011 and 2012

If you missed the fragment events earlier this year there is still one late addition to the calendar as well as some webinars. And it’s not too soon to be thinking about 2012!

August 16: Is your travel budget limited? Emerald Biosciences is putting together a series of free webinars related to FBLD on August 16, September 20, October 18, and November 15.

October 21: Zenobia Therapeutics is putting together a FBLD conference in San Diego. Although just one day, there is a nice lineup of speakers, so try to make it if you can.


March 19-23: Keystone Symposium: Addressing the Challenges of Drug Discovery – Novel Targets, New Chemical Space and Emerging Approaches will be held in Tahoe City, CA. Although not exclusively devoted to fragments, there are many speakers I look forward to hearing.

April 17-19: Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Seventh Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery will be held in San Diego. You can read impressions of this past year’s meeting here and 2010’s here.

September 23-26: FBLD 2012, the fourth in an illustrious series of conferences, will be held in my fair city of San Francisco. This should be a biggy – the first such event in the Bay Area (and the weather in September is usually decent too). You can read impressions of FBLD 2010 and FBLD 2009.

Know of anything else? Organizing a fragment event? Let us know and we’ll get the word out.

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JPrudhomme said...

June 6-8, 2012: Cambridge Healthtech Institute & Bio-IT World will hold its 12th annual Structure-Based Drug Design conference in Cambridge, MA.
Learn more and register at http://www.healthtech.com/sbd