23 February 2015

Heptares Get Bought

Yesterday brought news that Heptares was purchased by Sosei.  The deal is for 180$MM upfront and 220$MM in royalties.  Similar to the Astex deal, Sosei is not absorbing Heptares, but is keeping them as a wholly owned subsidiary.  In terms of clinical assets, Heptares didn't show up on the 2015 version of fragments in the clinic, but they do have a p1 asset, a M1 agonist.  As if we needed further validation, this deal shows the power of SBDD/FBDD and gives a good idea off how it is valued.  Congratulations to our friends at Heptares.

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Dan Erlanson said...

Congrats! Though not exclusively focused on fragments, Heptares has done some cutting-edge work in the area.

This is now the third example of a Japanese company buying an innovative FBLD company, after Otsuka / Astex and Daiichi Sankyo / Plexxikon.