03 January 2018

Fragment events in 2018

The new year has finally arrived, and brings quite a few interesting events.


January 24: There will be a one-day FBLD workshop in Barcelona. This is part of FRAGNET, a European Commission training program for the next generation of fragment scientists. Registration is free but you need to email fragnetworkshop@gmail.com. The subject should be Surname, Name – Institution (e.g. Potter, Harry – Hogwarts) and the body of the email should contain the word "register."

January 28 - February 1: The First Alpine Winter Conference on Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry will take place in St. Anton am Alberg, Austria. This looks like a fun event, and includes a section on FBDD.

April 2-6: CHI’s Thirteenth Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, the longest-running fragment event, will be held in San Diego. You can read impressions of last year's meeting here, the 2016 meeting here; the 2015 meeting herehere, and here; the 2014 meeting here and here; the 2013 meeting here and here; the 2012 meeting here; the 2011 meeting here; and 2010 here. Mary Harner and I will be presenting a FBDD short course on the afternoon of April 2.

June 13-15: Although not exclusively fragment-focused, the Fifth NovAliX Conference on Biophysics in Drug Discovery will have lots of relevant talks, and will be held for the first time in Boston. You can read my impressions of last year's Strasbourg event here and Teddy's impressions of the 2013 event herehere, and here.

August 19-23: The 256th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, which will also be in Boston, includes a session on "Best practices in fragment-based drug design", currently scheduled for August 20.

October 7-10: Finally, FBLD 2018 returns to San Diego, where it was born way back in 2008. This will mark the seventh in an illustrious series of conferences organized by scientists for scientists. You can read impressions of FBLD 2016FBLD 2014,  FBLD 2012FBLD 2010, and FBLD 2009.

Know of anything else? Add it to the comments or let us know!


Anders Hanning said...

The GE Healthcare DiPIA is in Boston, June 17-20. Not purely a fragment event but of interest to SPR people. And it's the week after the NovAlix conference.

Anjani Shah said...

Cambridge Healthtech's multi-track 'Discovery on Target' event has a 'Lead Generation Strategies' 1.5 day conference track in Boston Sept. 27-28, 2018 that I produce and will cover fragment-based and biophysical approaches for drug discovery: http://www.discoveryontarget.com/Lead-Generation-Strategies/. Dan Erlanson is chairing the opening session of the meeting and he and Mary Harner from BMS are teaching a FBDD dinner short course at the event on Thursday Sept. 27th (http://www.discoveryontarget.com/short-courses -- scroll to SC14).

--Anjani Shah, Ph.D., Conference Director, Cambridge Healthtech Institute
(and Lead Director for Drug Discovery Chemistry every April in San Diego)