28 September 2015

NMR poll!

Among fragment-finding techniques, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) ranks near the top. Protein-detected methods, like HSQC/HMQC-based SAR by NMR, helped usher in fragment-based drug discovery as a practical endeavor. More recently, ligand-detected methods such as line broadening (or CPMG), STD, and WaterLOGSY appear to have gained the edge. There are also more boutique methods, such as ILOE and spin labeling. And of course, some people proudly embrace their fluorine fetishism.

So what’s your favorite flavor? Now's your chance to weigh in on our latest poll (on the right). The first question asks whether you use NMR, and the second asks which methods you use. PLEASE ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS - the free version of Polldaddy doesn't track individuals, so we need the answer to the first question to know the total number of respondents.

And, as always, your comments are welcome.

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