05 July 2021

Fragment events in 2021 and 2022

Yes, 2021 is actually half over.
COVID-19 remains rampant throughout much of the world, but billions of vaccinations are reducing transmission and severity. With luck - and continued efforts - the worst of this epidemic may be behind us.

Among the many things to look forward to are in-person conferences, which are starting to return. But since travel is not possible for everyone (even pre-SARS-CoV-2), several of the upcoming events will be hybrid, with opportunities to attend either physically or virtually. Hope to see you at one.

September 27-30: CHI’s Nineteenth Annual Discovery on Target returns to the real world - or at least Boston. As the name implies this event is more target-focused than chemistry-focused, but there are always plenty of FBDD-related talks. You can read my impressions of the 2020 virtual event here, the 2019 event here, and the 2018 event here.

December 16-21: What better place to say goodbye to COVID than Hawaii? Postponed from last year, the second Pacifichem Symposium devoted to fragments will be held in Honolulu on December 18 and 19. Pacifichem conferences are normally held every 5 years and are designed to bring together scientists from Pacific Rim countries including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and the US. Here are my impressions of the 2015 event.
March 27-29: The Royal Society of Chemistry's Fragments 2022 will be held in the original Cambridge. This is the eighth in an esteemed conference series that usually alternates years with the FBLD meetings. You can read my impressions of Fragments 2013 and Fragments 2009.
April 18-21: CHI’s Seventeenth Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, the longest-running fragment event, returns to sunny San Diego. This is part of the larger Drug Discovery Chemistry meeting. You can read impressions of the 2021 virtual meeting here, the 2020 virtual meeting here, the 2019 meeting here, the 2018 meeting here, the 2017 meeting here, the 2016 meeting here; the 2015 meeting herehere, and here; the 2014 meeting here and here; the 2013 meeting here and here; the 2012 meeting here; the 2011 meeting here; and 2010 here.
Know of anything else? Please leave a comment or drop me a note!

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The next NovAliX Biophysics in Drug Discovery Conference will be an Asian edition, again virtual in November 2021 and plans to be in person in Munich for March 2022