20 October 2019

New poll: affiliations and methods

It has been three years since we last asked about fragment-finding methods, and a lot can change in that time – just compare the world today to the world in 2016. Our new poll has two questions (right-hand side, under Links of Utility). Please answer the first, and answer the second if you practice FBLD.

The first question asks your affiliation and whether you actively practice FBLD or whether you are interested in the topic (though hopefully the latter also applies to the former!) We’ve simplified the question from prior years to include just four categories: For-profit practice, For-profit interest, Non-profit practice, and Non-profit interest. For-profit includes pharma and biotech as well as venture capital and consulting. Non-profit includes academia, government labs, disease foundations, and retirement.

Please answer this question as it is the only way we can count the number of respondents, which is essential for determining how many fragment-finding methods people are using on average.

If you do practice FBLD, the next question asks which method(s) you use to find and validate fragments. Please click every method you use, whether as a primary screening technique or for validation. You can read about these methods below, and if you select “other” please describe in the comments.

Please forward this so we can get as many responses as possible.

Let the voting begin!

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