07 January 2019

Fragment events in 2019

Happy New Year! Lots of exciting events scheduled this year, many of them in the first half.

March 20-22: Although not exclusively fragment-focused, the Sixth NovAliX Conference on Biophysics in Drug Discovery will have lots of relevant talks, and will be held in the nice city of Nice Cannes. You can read my impressions of the 2018 event here, the 2017 Strasbourg event here, and Teddy's impressions of the 2013 event herehere, and here.

March 24-26: The Royal Society of Chemistry's Fragments 2019 will be held in the original Cambridge. This is the seventh in an esteemed conference series that alternates years with the FBLD meetings. You can read my impressions of Fragments 2013 and Fragments 2009.

April 9-10CHI’s Fourteenth Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, the longest-running fragment event, will be held in San Diego. You can read impressions of the 2018 meeting here, the 2017 meeting here, the 2016 meeting here; the 2015 meeting herehere, and here; the 2014 meeting here and here; the 2013 meeting here and here; the 2012 meeting here; the 2011 meeting here; and 2010 here. Also, Ben Davis and I will teach an FBDD short course on April 8, and it comes with dinner!

April 28-May 1: If you're looking for an even more intensive course, the 15th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry is entitled "Small Becomes Big in Medicinal Chemistry: Fragment-based Drug Discovery." This will be held near Leiden, and as the number of participants is limited to 35, you should register early.

May 19-21: Structures are often critical for FBLD. The Second Annual Industrial Biostructures America Conference, which will be held in La Jolla, CA, is sponsored by Proteros and will cover a range of structural techniques.

September 1-4: BrazMedChem2019 will be held in the Brazilian city of Pirinopolis, and I know there will be some FBLD-relevant content.

November 12-15: The third FBDD Down Under will take place in Melbourne, and given the success of the first, it should be excellent.

Fourth Quarter: If you can't make it to Nice, NovAliX will also be holding a biophysics meeting for the first time in Japan, likely Osaka or Tokyo, sometime between mid-October and early December. Stay tuned for further details.

Know of anything else? Add it to the comments or let us know!

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