02 November 2015

NMR poll results

The results of our latest poll are in – thanks to all who participated! Of the 119 people who responded to the first question, 87% said they use NMR for finding or validating fragments. Even if we assume that responses were biased towards NMR aficionados, big magnets are clearly popular.

The second question asked about specific NMR techniques. If everyone who said they used NMR in the first question also answered the second, this means the average user applies more than 3 different techniques; I’ll let Teddy weigh in to see whether this matches his experience.
One surprise for me was that, although many techniques are widely used, none are nearly universal; even the most popular methods seem to be used by just over half of respondents.

Among ligand-detected methods (blue in the figure), STD ranks at the top, with line-broadening, WaterLOGSY, and fluorine-based techniques all tied for second place.

Protein-detected methods (red in the figure) also appear quite healthy, with nearly as many respondents using 15N-HSQC/HMQC as STD.

Finally, 11 of you said you use "other" techniques. We didn't include TINS, even though it seems quite useful, because it is only available through the services of ZoBio. But what else is out there?

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