03 September 2014

Fragment growing vs fragment linking

Results from our latest poll are in. As expected, fragment growing is both more successful and (thus) more popular than fragment linking, but there are a few surprises.

First, it was interesting to see that more than a third of the 69 respondents have not tried fragment linking. Actually, the fraction is probably higher since people could vote more than once (though unfortunately Polldaddy does not provide information as to how many did).

Second, despite its reputation for difficulty, roughly half of respondents who tried fragment linking reported that it worked “OK” or “well.” In fact, more people said that it worked well than that it failed outright. Again, these numbers should be taken cautiously since multiple people at the same organization may have voted on the same projects. And of course, one person’s definition of “OK” may be another’s definition of “marginal.” Still, if you have a tough target where fragment linking looks like a way forward, feel free to use these poll results to bolster your case. And please share your experiences in the comments, positive or negative.

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