31 December 2009

Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry Special FBDD Issue

This year ends with an entire issue of Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry devoted to FBDD. Rob van Montfort and Ian Collins provide a brief editorial overview of the six papers. Collins and colleagues also describe their application of fragment-based methods to develop inhibitors of the anti-cancer target protein kinase B (AKT).

Half the papers cover various forms of fragment screening: the Medical Structural Genomics of Pathogenic Protozoa Consortium describes their crystallographic approach, Helena Danielson discusses the use of SPR, and Gregg Siegal and Johan Hollander present their Target Immobilized NMR Screening (TINS) methodology.

Charles Reynolds and colleagues review metrics, such as ligand efficiency and fit quality, for evaluating fragment hits.

Finally, in the longest article in the collection, Vicki Nienaber discusses how fragment-based methods may be particularly useful for discovering compounds that will cross the blood-brain-barrier to target the central nervous system.

As 2009 comes to a close, Practical Fragments would like to thank our readers, old and new. May you all have a happy and productive 2010!

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