07 October 2009

Fragment-based events in 2009 and 2010 (and calls for abstracts)

We’re in the last quarter of 2009, and I know of just one more event this year involving fragments:

October 13: The Life Science Regional Technology Symposium will be held in Somerset, NJ, and Dr. Teddy Z. will be one of several excellent speakers.


Next year is starting to take shape nicely, and two events have put out calls for abstracts, so if you have something interesting to present, now’s your chance!

February 3-5: Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 17th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference will be held in my beautiful city of San Francisco, with a track on medicinal chemistry that will have some fragment talks, and a short course on “Fragment-Inspired Medicinal Chemistry” on February 2.

March 21-25: The spring ACS meeting will also be held in San Francisco. There will be a symposium on “Fragment Based Drug Design: Novel Approaches and Success Stories,” and Rachelle Bienstock at the FBDD LinkedIn site has put out a call for abstracts, due October 19.

April 20-25: The Keystone Symposium on computer-aided drug design will take place in brisk Whistler, British Columbia. Although not exclusively devoted to fragments, the schedule shows several talks on the topic.

April 27-28: Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Fifth Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery will be held in summery San Diego. This conference has also put out a call for speakers, with a deadline of October 16.

Know of anything else? Organizing a fragment event? Let us know and we’ll get the word out.


Anonymous said...

Two fragment-based conferences will be held in this month.

1. 5th Modern Drug Discovery and Development Summit
Session II: Fragment-Based Drug Design
October 14-16, 2009 in San Diego,

2. BIT's 7th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology
Section 2-2: Fragment Based Drug Design and Development
October 22-25, 2009, Shanghai China

Dan Erlanson said...

David Rees from Astex is organizing a session at the ACS National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium on June 9 2010 in Minnesota:


There will be speakers from Astex, Plexxikon, Abbott, and Novartis.

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