11 June 2009

Hidden Talent Pool

I have a question for the followes/readers here. Is there a hidden talent pool of recent Ph.Ds who have training in FBDD and can immediately walk into a pharmaceutical company? I am aware of two companies that had openings for FBDD people. Both companies wanted only freshly minted Ph.Ds or just post-doctoral experience. There is a big and deep (and obviously more expensive) pool of FBDD out there who would jump for these jobs.

I was also under the impression that industrial post-docs were largely a thing of the past. So, two questions: 1. are there academic programs/labs who are specifically training NMR-FBDD people, and more in general FBDD practitioners at all? 2. If not, are jobs like these a way for management to dip their toe in the water without actually resourcing FBDD efforts?


Sachin Narkhede said...

I am a fresh PhD student, about to finish, worked on comptuter-aided drug design. I am looking for any internship on FBDD. Can you please help me out.
Thanking you in advance.

Michèle Schulz said...

we, the PhDs from YSBL working with Rod Hubbard, are all trained in FBDD in general (NMR, SPR, X-ray, CC).