29 May 2009

Size Doesn't Matter...Complexity Does...or does it?

With 16 days left to vote (Use you franchise!!!) 17 of 20 respondents have said that FBDD is integrated in the hit finding stage at their companies. WOW! and Awesome!
Lorenzo Williams posted a discussion topic on one of the LinkedIn groups (I of course forget which one) asking how many chemists does your company use for going from Hit to Lead. Below are the answers he shared with me...

Aurigene 8 FTEs
Arqule 1-5FTEs
Roche up to 10-13 FTEs
Bayer 1-10 FTEs
Shanghai Medicilon 6 FTEs
Chiron/Novartis 4-6 FTEs

Of course, the proviso was that it all depends on the complexity of the project. My question to this group, since we know so many of your have integrated FBDD in the hit finding stage, is: "Are FBDD based hits resourced differently than non FBDD hits?"

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