05 January 2009

Fragments in the Clinic

Jeff Albert posted an interesting topic in the LinkedIn FBDD group's discussion section.
What is the current status of FBDD based drugs in the clinic.

Justin Bower from AZ posted:

ABT 263 (Phase II Bcl-2/Bcl-xl inhibitor) Abbott
ABT 869 (VEGF & PDGFR Phase I) Abbott
SGX-523 (Met Phase I) SGX (No Longer in Clinic, per comments)
SGX-393 (Bcr-Abl) SGX
AT-7519 (CDK1, CDK2 Phase I) Astex
VER-52296 or NVP-AUY-922 (hsp90, Phase I/II) Vernalis plus another in Phase I
Gianni Chessari, from Astex, noted this list (from a review coming out soon-ish?), with repeats removed:

AT9283 Astex Aurora Phase 2
LY-517717 Lilly/Protherics FXa Phase 2
PLX-204 Plexxikon PPAR agonist Phase 2

ABT-518 Abbott MMP-2 & 9 Phase 1
AT13387 Astex HSP90 Phase 1
IC-776 Lilly/ICOS LFA-1 Phase 1
PLX-4032 Plexxikon B-RafV600E Phase 1
PLX-5568 Plexxikon Kinase Inhibitor Phase 1
SNS-314 Sunesis Aurora Phase 1
LP-261 Locus Tubulin Phase 1
DG051 deCODE LFA4H Phase 1

So, what's missing? I would also be curious as to how these projects progressed.

Update: I have removed duplicates from the two lists. One (SGX-523) has fallen out of the clinic (per comments).

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Anonymous said...

SGX-523 is no longer in the clinic.