22 May 2013

Fragment Events in 2013 and 2014

If you missed Fragments 2013 and the Eighth Annual FBDD there are still a few more fragment events this year, and although we're not quite into summer it's not too early to start marking your calendar for 2014!


June 19-21: CHI’s Thirteenth Annual Structure-Based Drug Design will be held in Boston, with several talks on FBLD.

September 3-5: LibPubMedia Conferences is organizing DrugDesign2013 in Oxford, UK, with a focus on fragment- and ligand-based drug design.

September 23: Teddy and I will be teaching a three-hour short course on FBLD in Boston as part of CHI’s 11th Annual Discovery on Target


April 23-25: CHI’s Ninth Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery will be held in San Diego. You can read impressions of this year's meeting here and here, last year's meeting here, the 2011 meeting here, and 2010 here.

September 21-24: Finally, FBLD 2014 will be held in Basel, Switzerland. This marks the fifth in an illustrious series of conferences, the last of which was in San Francisco in 2012. I believe this will also be the first major dedicated fragment conference in continental Europe. You can read impressions of FBLD 2010 and FBLD 2009.

Know of anything else? Add it to the comments or let us know!

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