12 April 2013

Upcoming Fragment Conference

Next week is the big fragment conference in the US (after a successful european one).  There are lots of interesting things going on.  Dan and I will be co-teaching a short course on fragments on Monday afternoon.  The conference then starts with Protein-Protein Interactions Optimizing Hit to Leads (with the best talk title: To Affinity and Beyond: From Screened Fragments To Optimized Leads With SPR and ITC), followed by Library and computational talk in the afternoon.  Day 2 starts with the ever popular breakfast roundtables, led by Dan, Rod Hubbard, Kevin Burgess, and myself.  The last session of the day will be the case studies.  There are a variety of events happening during the conference (and there are other tracks simultaneously) that Dan and I will update you on right here.  So, if you are going to be in SD we hope to see you. 

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