22 April 2013

Poll Results - Number of Fragments in the Screen

The poll is closed!  So, the question was
I think it is fair to say that the average number of fragments per fragment mixture for NMR pooling is 6.  I typically say five is the goal and if you can squeeze in more good on ya!  I don't think the limitation is chemical shifts, I think it is solubility.  I would love to hear what others think is the limitation.


Anonymous said...

Actually, we screen 20 compounds per bin at 200 uM concentration. We removed those fragments encountering solubility problems during the initial setup of the library bins and hence we did not encounter any solubility issues later on with our fragments added from a 100 mM DMSO stock in the final screening.
I also included this info in the poll (10+) a few days ago, but obviously it didn't make it into the finals. :-)

Dr. Teddy Z said...

Anon...interesting. #1 that it wasn't on the poll, now it is. #2. That you screen that many. That's for 1H screening?