11 August 2008

Upcoming FBDD Conference

In just under three weeks, the XXth ISMC-EFMC Conference will be occuring in lovely Vienna.

There will be many interesting talks given on FBDD.
In Session 1 (Novel Lead Finding Approaches) two of three talks will be on FBDD (SGX and Roderick Hubbard from York/Astex)>
Session 2 (Chemistry Strategies in Reducing Attrition in Drug Discovery) will have a talk from Astex
Session 7 (FBDD, presented jointly by ACS) has three outstanding speakers and should be very interesting. If you haven't caught Alex Alex's paper on the history of FBDD, go and find it in Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry.

Additionally, there will be a forum entitled : "How to close the gap between academic training in medicinal chemistry and industrial reality?" I think this is a particularly relevent topic for any field and not just medicinal chemistry.

Coming up in 4-5March2009 is Fragments 2009. This is a call for abstracts and to make the general populace aware of the meeting. And of course, what an excellent chance to meet Associate Editor Vicki Nienaber.

We will be post further meeting/symposia notices as we get them.

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Dan Erlanson said...

For anyone planning on attending the ISMC in Vienna, I'm sure you'll have a great time, and not just because you'll be in Vienna.

I spoke at the XIXth ISMC in Istanbul in 2006, and found the quality of the talks and the international composition of the attendees - all focused on medicinal chemistry - to be very exciting.

If anyone goes please send us your highlights!