01 July 2019

Fragment events in 2019 and 2020

We're already halfway through 2019, but there are still some excellent upcoming events, and 2020 is taking shape, so start planning your calendar!

September 1-4: BrazMedChem2019 will be held in the Brazilian holiday destination of Pirinopolis, and will include a section on FBLD.

September 17-19: CHI's Seventeenth Annual Discovery on Target takes place in Boston. Multiple biological targets are covered, and there are also more general talks on a variety of topics of interest to readers, including two sessions on fragments. You can read my impressions of last year's event here.

November 12-15: FBDD Down Under 2019 will take place in beautiful Melbourne. This is the third major FBDD event in Australia, and given the success of the first, I expect it to be excellent.

November 13-15: Although not exclusively fragment-focused, the Seventh NovAliX Conference on Biophysics in Drug Discovery will have several relevant talks, and will be held in the lovely city of Kyoto. You can read my impressions of the 2018 Boston event here, the 2017 Strasbourg event here, and Teddy's impressions of the 2013 event herehere, and here.

April 13-17CHI’s Fifteenth Annual Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, the longest-running fragment event, will be held in San Diego. You can read impressions of the 2019 meeting here, the 2018 meeting here, the 2017 meeting here, the 2016 meeting here; the 2015 meeting herehere, and here; the 2014 meeting here and here; the 2013 meeting here and here; the 2012 meeting here; the 2011 meeting here; and 2010 here.

September 20-23: FBLD 2020 will be held for the first time in the original Cambridge (UK). This will mark the eighth in an illustrious series of conferences organized by scientists for scientists. You can read impressions of FBLD 2018FBLD 2016FBLD 2014,  FBLD 2012FBLD 2010, and FBLD 2009.

December 15-20: The second Pacifichem Symposium devoted to fragments will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Pacifichem conferences are held every 5 years and are designed to bring together scientists from Pacific Rim countries including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and the US. Here are my impressions of the 2015 event.

Know of anything else? Add it to the comments or let us know!

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Pharmacology Conferences 2020 and Drug Development Congress 2020 is an annual event scheduled during April 27-28, 2020 at Mauritius.