10 September 2014

Whatcha Want? Whatcha Really Really Want?

There is a rule in our house: You cannot decorate your room for Christmas until November 1st.  Well, the countdown has begun as my son reminded me that is less than two months away.  So, to help everyone get into the Christmas (Hannukah, Diwali, and so on) spirit, I wanted to ask what cha want?  So what cha want?

Let's divide this in to two lists: Aspirational and Possible.  Below are some that Dan and I came up with.  But this is really your wish list.  Let us know in the comments.

Possible: Aqueous spectra for all commercially available fragments. Maybridge and Key Organics are here/getting here. 
Experimental solubility and 24 hour stability for commercial libraries.  
No PAINS in commercially available libraries.  I believe it is ~8% right now.  
No more rhodanines, anywhere and ever!

Aspirational: I know Peter Kenny wants people to stop using metrics that are arbitrarily defined.
Standard vocabulary for the field.  What's an active, hit, lead, etc.?

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Anonymous said...

Greater discussion and use of parameters other than KD and koff in lead op.