22 February 2012

Upcoming Webinar on NMR in DD

I wanted to make everyone aware of an upcoming webinar: "You are smarter than you think: Applications of NMR in Hit-to-Lead Discovery". Here are the key learning points:
  • Application of NMR in Fragment Screening using both target and ligand based methods
  • Utilization of NMR Data, e.g. epitope mapping, in Hit to Lead efforts
  • Structure determination of compounds by NMR
What I would love to have from the readers of this blog is suggestions as to what particular topics they feel would be most important to learn about. Obviously, the first two topics are broad and I wanted to give the readers here a chance to help set the specifics that will be discussed. Leave a comment or send me an email directly.


Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting. Any chance of a student discount for this?

Dr. Teddy Z said...

I don't know, you can contact CHI and ask.