11 July 2010

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

I am writing this to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and those who have contributed to this blog. When Dan and I started this, it was after meeting at a FBDD conference in San Diego. We decided that this field needed something like this. There are now LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, other blogs about FBDD (all linked to the right). As many of you know, my current position does not involve FBDD. FBDD has been a passion of mine since I got involved in 2001. I appreciate my boss at the time Mike Shapiro for giving me the chance to set up and lead the FBDD efforts at Lilly. It was a fantastic experience and very successful. I also want to thank Mike for co-editing the book with me (please buy a copy, every copy earns me something close to three cents ;-)). I want to acknowledge all the great friends I have made through the years, including Dan who has picked up the onus of publishing this blog and has done and will continue to do a fantastic job.
I have always said that research carries a two year shelf-life. It's been almost two years since the book came out, that means I am done. I have nothing new to add to the field (and probably haven't for longer than two years). This means no more embarassing questions when I give talks on FBDD about what I doing now (which is nothing in FBDD). It is exciting to follow the field, but it is also really tough not being a part of it.
I wish you all the best of luck and ask that you don't be strangers. I will be speaking on NMR in the upcoming months, and am always happy to add more NMR speaking engagements (hint hint).


Dan Erlanson said...

I’d just like to thank Teddy for getting this blog off the ground and providing the first electronic venue for a discussion of all things fragmentological.

As Teddy says above, Practical Fragments will continue to publish, so please keep your comments coming, and if any of you are interested in writing a post please contact me!

Sarah Barelier said...

I'm glad to know that this blog will continue, it's a gold-mine for people who are interested in FBDD. Thank you Teddy and Dan, and good luck to both of you.