06 August 2009

Fragment-based conferences in 2009 and 2010

Hard to believe, but 2009 is more than halfway over. As far as I know there is only one more event this year focused primarily on fragments, but it’s a biggie, and conferences are already being planned for 2010. Here’s what might be of interest over the next few months.

August 16-20: The fall ACS meeting this year will be held in sweltering Washington, DC. Although there are no sessions devoted exclusively to fragments, a number of FBLD talks and posters are sprinkled throughout the conference.

September 21-23: Much-anticipated FBLD 2009 will be held in historic York, UK. There will also be a one-day workshop on September 20 to provide an overview of fragment-based drug discovery for newcomers to the field. The draft schedule for the conference has just been released (pdf) – looks like a great lineup, so if you missed the earlier conferences this year, don’t miss this one!

February 3-5: CHI’s Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference is being held in the beautiful city of San Francisco, with a track on medicinal chemistry that will probably have some fragment talks, and a fragment workshop on February 2.

March 21-25: The spring ACS meeting will be in foggy (but beautiful) San Francisco. No schedule or link yet.

April 20-25: The Keystone Symposium on computer-aided drug design will take place in brisk Whistler, British Columbia. Although not exclusively devoted to fragments, the schedule shows plenty of talks on FBLD.

April 26: The CHI fragment-conference will be held in summery San Diego. No web link yet, but I’ll have this when it becomes available.

As always, let us know if we’ve missed anything and we’ll get the word out!

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