23 October 2008

It's Here

The biggest thing Ever!!!

By that I mean this
There is a link to buy it on the side of the blog. The book published on 17OCT2008 and is already getting great reviews. Here are a few choice ones:

"Fantastic dear, can you explain to me what you do again?" Teddy's Mom
"Cool." Teddy's Brother
"That's nice dear." Teddy's Wife.

WOW, with such enthusiastic support, the book will surely hit the New York Times Bestseller list.
Seriously, I think this is an excellent complement to the Erlanson/Jahnke book focusing on the real details of how to do FBDD. If you buy a copy, I will personally autograph it for you. If you buy it, and send a crisp, clean 20 $ bill to me, I won't.

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