24 July 2008

The Future of Fragment Blogging

Or should I say Fragging? Frogging? I will leave Fragonomics as my contribution to the scientific literature.
After some discussion, we have settled on how we are going to utilize this blog. First off, we are going to focus on fragments. PERIOD. We are working with the Structure-based Drug Design blog to have some synergies and limit overlap. As other blogs, forums, etc. come on line we will link to them.

So what about the format for this blog? Some ground rules first:
1. Assume anything you say here is disclosed. There is no confidentiality.
2. As my Latin teacher used to say, "The only stupid questions is the one you never ask."
3. As travel is being restricted across the board, virtual discussions will be the primary way to speak with colleagues. Utilize the tool.
4. This is non-commercial; blatant advertising will get you banned. Companies are of course allowed to share discoveries, as is anyone else.
5. This list is subject to change at any time.

As to format and content, we are planning on having a few "associate editors" who will post entries. Each associate editor will be a subject matter expert in a given general area. They will not necessarily be writing our content; our plan is for you the readers of the blog to write it. If you have a question, write it up and submit it. There will be links to the side to do this.

Appropriate content will be:
Questions of specific and general interest?
Opinion pieces
Invited pieces
Other things I haven't thought of.

Questions of content that need to be discussed are:
Changes in company strategy (this site is closing, or that company is axing this group, etc.)
Job openings or positions wanted.
Any others?

In order for this lively experiment to work, we need it to have engaged, interested readers. Please, let me and the other editors know what else we can do to make this work for you.

If you are interested in being an associate editor, we still have a few openings. Just let me know.

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